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Ratchet Tie Down Straps
Wheel Nets and Track Tie Down Systems

For over two decades, Mac's has been the market leader in professional tie-down equipment. The biggest names in the business count on the lasting value of quality parts and craftmanship built into every Mac's ratchet tie down, axle strap and wheel net.

Built-to-Order In Idaho. When you order from Mac's, we'll begin constructing your set of tie downs right here in Sandpoint, Idaho. We sew each tie-down strap and machine each of our proprietary track systems in our own facility. This lets us retain a level of quality that might otherwise be lost by outsourcing. Plus, we feel good about creating American jobs.

Have a Unique Tie-Down Need? Call Us! 1-800-666-1586. Our in-house fabrication facility means we can work closely with you to develop the perfect solution for your unique configuration, including custom tie-down designs, fittings and tie-down anchors.


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Tim Kerrigan, President -Red Line Synthetic OilNot just any tie-down will harness a 1600hp ´57 Chevy. That´s why I use Mac´s products in my trailer... more >
Tim Kerrigan, President
Red Line Synthetic Oil Corp.
Bill Alley -Greensboro, VT I chose Mac´s to fabricate my special straps...that says it all.... more >
Bill Alley
1914 Locomobile Berline
Robby Gordon -Owner/DriverMac´s tie downs...are simply the best out there.... more >
Bobby Gordon, Owner/Driver
Off-Road Racer and NASCAR® Team
K. Hancock -Grand Junction, COMANY other collectors and car buffs have admired my MAC´S tie downs... more >
K. Hancock
Grand Junction, CO
Roger Willis -Manager, Robby Gordon Off RoadWith Mac´s tie-downs, everything gets there in prime condition... more >
Roger Willis, Manager
Robby Gordon Off Road


Testimonial, Red Line Synthetic Oil

"Not just any tie-down will harness a 1600hp '57 Chevy. That's why I use Mac's products in my trailer. Even with such wide tires and little room to work with in the fenderwell, I was able to get a rock-solid fit without any risk of damage."

Tim Kerrigan, President
Red Line Synthetic Oil Corp.

Testimonial, Bill Alley

"When you tow a 7000 lb. show car, it has to be well secured in your trailer. I chose Mac's to fabricate my special straps. To me that says it all."

Bill Alley, Greensboro, VT
914 Locomobile Berline - One of America's outstanding Concourse show vehicles

Testimonial, Bobby Gordon -NASCAR

"True, I take a lot of risks. From the toughest NASCAR® tracks to the heat of the African desert. But there's one risk I won't take - that my vehicles are anything less than perfect when I get behind the wheel. So we use only Mac's tie downs. They're simply the best out there, and give me something I don't get very often - peace of mind."

Robby Gordon, Owner/Driver
Off-Road Racer and NASCAR® Team Owner/Driver

Testimonial, K Hancock

"In the process of many loadings and unloadings--of my vintage Willys vehicles at various car shows--MANY other collectors and car buffs have admired my MAC'S tie downs. Thus, I always try to keep the "name side up", so that I don't have to keep answering THAT question.

You might be interested in this--that I recently bought a "brand new", 16', car-hauler, since my MAC'S tie down set looked so out of place being used on the old, beat-up, home-made trailer I had used for years. (The trailer purchase is NOT the kind of "MAC'S good influence" of which my wife approves !!)

I'm headed to Moab (April Action Car Show) this weekend. MAC'S tie downs will be keeping everything securely aboard--regardless of any Canyonland's cross-winds. Thanks for doing what you do--SO WELL--and for not farming it out to some place I can't even pronounce."

K. Hancock, Grand Junction, CO

Testimonial, Roger Willis, Manger

"Getting Team Gordon to the races on time can be a thrill a minute. Because we're talking not only the race cars themselves, but support vehicles, chase vehicles, truck-loads of tools, back-up parts, back-ups for the back-ups...literally tons of very costly equipment. But with Mac's tie-downs, everything gets there in prime condition, whether we're going across the country or around the world. Which makes one less thing for me to worry about. And when I need service fast, Mac's delivers. Every time."

Roger Willis, Manager
Robby Gordon Off Road


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We build tie down solutions for your unique securement application.

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