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Trust your Tie Downs? Mac's Tests its Straps at Moab

___________________________________________________________ Mac's New 2" 10,000 lbs Ratchet Handle

___________________________________________________________ Mac's at SEMA 2012
If you are viewing this page, you probably already know that Mac's makes the best tie-downs in the industry. This year, Colin caught a couple of the many examples where Mac's tie-downs were used as icing on the cake. These trucks are truly awesome - we are in good company! Check it out:

___________________________________________________________ ‎Ford Motor Company trusts our tie downs to transport their vehicles to and from shows. Take a look at this time lapse video by RePlay XD of the build up and tear down of the huge Ford booth at the 2011 SEMA Show. Mac's products even make a cameo!

___________________________________________________________ Ford entrusts priceless vehicles to Mac's Tiedowns once again, for the 2011 SEMA Show.

__________________________________________________________ Brett Voelkel from RideTech has been a Mac's friend and customer for years, so when he towed his world famous "Velocity" 1968 Camaro from Indiana out to Scottsdale, Arizona, for the Barrett-Jackson auction he secured the car with all Mac's gear. Once it got to Arizona Velocity drew quite a crowd, and ended up selling for a hefty sum. Watch the video for more details and visit the Mac's Blog to see the car in action.

___________________________________________________________ The Spectre SpeedLiner recently went 415mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats, making it the world's fastest gasoline powered car. This unique streamliner is powered by a twin turbocharged 500 inch Cadillac, and whether the team is tying the car down on the trailer or swapping the motor, they only use Mac's Custom Tie-Downs.

___________________________________________________________ We put two competitor straps to the test in this video, pulling each to determine if their 10,000 pound rating actually holds up. The results will surprise you!

___________________________________________________________ Brad Peterson explains how Macs E Track System saved his car.

___________________________________________________________ Mac's founder Colin McLemore spends some time in the test shop, punishing cargo straps in the testing machine to see how much weight competing straps and Mac's straps will take to fail. The results will surprise you!

___________________________________________________________ We ran into the crew from Superlift at the Moab Easter Jeep Safari a few weeks ago, and they were having trouble tying their wild Jeep down to a friend's trailer. We stepped in with a set of Mac's chain extensions and lent them a hand. It was fun spending a few minutes hanging out with the Superlift crew, and we were happy to help. Watch the video to pick up a few pointers on how to properly tie down a crawler or 4x4.

___________________________________________________________ The Mac's team visits Robby Gordon Offroad, where they use our products to tie down everything from Dakar and Trophy Trucks to support vehicles and spare tires.

___________________________________________________________ John Hotchkis of Hotchkis Performance talks about why he chooses Mac's Tie-Downs for his vehicles.

Not just any tie-down will harness a 1600hp 57 Chevy

"Not just any tie-down will harness a 1600hp '57 Chevy. That's why I use Mac's products in my trailer. Even with such wide tires and little room to work with in the fenderwell, I was able to get a rock-solid fit without any risk of damage. "

Tim Kerrigan, President of Red Line Synthetic Oil Corp.

When you tow a 7000 lb. show car, it has to be well secured in your trailer.

"When you tow a 7000 lb. show car, it has to be well secured in your trailer. I chose Mac's to fabricate my special straps. To me that says it all."

Bill Alley, Greensboro, VT
1914 Locomobile Berline - One of America's outstanding Concourse show vehicles

...there's one risk I won't take—that my vehicles are anything less than we use only Mac's tie downs.

"True, I take a lot of risks. From the toughest NASCAR® tracks to the heat of the African desert. But there's one risk I won't take - that my vehicles are anything less than perfect when I get behind the wheel. So we use only Mac's tie downs. They're simply the best out there, and give me something I don't get very often - peace of mind."

Robby Gordon, Off-Road Racer and NASCAR® Team Owner/Driver

MANY other collectors and car buffs have admired my MAC'S tie downs.

"In the process of many loadings and unloadings—of my vintage Willys vehicles at various car shows—MANY other collectors and car buffs have admired my MAC'S tie downs. Thus, I always try to keep the "name side up", so that I don't have to keep answering THAT question.
You might be interested in this---that I recently bought a "brand new", 16', car-hauler, since my MAC'S tie down set looked so out of place being used on the old, beat-up, home-made trailer I had used for years. (The trailer purchase is NOT the kind of "MAC'S good influence" of which my wife approves !!)
I'm headed to Moab (April Action Car Show) this weekend. MAC'S tie downs will be keeping everything securely aboard---regardless of any Canyonland's cross-winds.
Thanks for doing what you do---SO WELL---and for not farming it out to some place I can't even pronounce."

K. Hancock, Grand Junction, CO

...with Mac's tie-downs, everything gets there in prime condition.

"Getting Team Gordon to the races on time can be a thrill a minute. Because we're talking not only the race cars themselves, but support vehicles, chase vehicles, truck-loads of tools, back-up parts, back-ups for the back-ups...literally tons of very costly equipment. But with Mac's tie-downs, everything gets there in prime condition, whether we're going across the country or around the world. Which makes one less thing for me to worry about. And when I need service fast, Mac's delivers. Every time."

Roger Willis, Manager, Robby Gordon Off Road

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