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Recovery Straps

Tree Trunk Protector Strap (Rigging Strap)

A Better Tree Trunk Protector Strap. Like our Recovery Straps, the the Mac's Tree Trunk Protector Strap is built to the same rigorous standards we're known for in our tie-down straps. We use only premium materials and fabrication methods to ensure your recovery strap is up to the task every time.

The Mac's Tree Trunk Protector Strap comes in two load capacities: a 3" 27,000 lb version and a 4" 37,000 lb version, both in 8 foot lengths.

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Item# 130108

Recovery Strap (Tow Strap)

The Highest Stich Count in the Industry Every part of our fabrication process is designed for reliable Recovery Strap performance. This begins with using only premium quality US-made webbing and ends with the high stitch count loop ends, providing reliable tow capacity up to 57,000 lbs Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS).

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Item# 128020

Mac's Soft-touch Tow Point
Mac's Soft-Touch Tow Point

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Item# 123800

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