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Mac's 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Chrome Pack

Item # 512659

What's Included

  • (4) Chrome-finished 10K lb Ratchet Straps, 8 foot
  • (4) Chrome-finished 10K lb Axle Straps, 24 inch
  • (4) Protective Fleece Axle Strap Sleeves, 20 inch
  • (4) Custom Micro-fiber Protective Storage Covers
  • (4) Strap Wraps
  • (1) Custom Heavy-Duty Duffle Bag

To commemorate our quarter century as the leading manu-facturer of premium automotive tie-down equipment, we've produced this very limited chrome edition of our best tie down system.

Only 25 of these show-quality packs are being offered for sale.

25th Anniversary Chrome Pack

Our 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Chrome Pack expresses the same fine detail and craftsmanship found on show cars. Featuring mirrored chrome finishes and straps adorned with full-length edge finishing, we've elevated our tie down system to a whole new level.


To manufacture our 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Chrome Pack, we partnered with three other American companies. Each company shares both our reputation for unwavering quality and our pride in manufacturing products on US soil, using the skilled hands of fellow Americans.

Since 1968, Ohio-based CustomChrome Plating (CCP) has been known for its chrome finish work in the automotive market. CCP is performing the chrome plating of the kit's ratchets and fittings. We think CCP's gallery of completed cars speaks for itself.

Montana-based Red Oxx, known for its premium hand-crafted bags and backpacks, is fabricating the kit's custom heavy-duty storage duffle. Red Oxx is veteran founded, owned and operated, with a quality in bag construction you just see these days. The Red Oxx story is worth a read.

Colorado-based Adam's Polishes, known for its fine automotive waxes, sealants, dressings, cleaners and polishes is providing the microfiber fabric used to protect each tie-down strap while stowed. Adam's Polishes made a name for itself with it's small-batch approach using only high-quality polymers, acrylics and waxes.


Chrome finishing is a labor-intensive process, with each step as critical as the next in ensuring plating adhesion, thickness and finish. The technique can take years to master. We new we could trust CCP's 50-years of experience in this process to get the job done right and we're impressed with the results. A smooth, glistening finish adorns all of the metal structures of this pack, allowing the tie-down hardware to reflect the colors and elements of the vehicle it secures.


Ford uses Macs tie downs to protect their priceless cars
Ford's Museum uses Macs straps when transporting their priceless vehicles

When the Ford Museum needed to secure five priceless vehicles for transport across the country, they trusted Mac's Tie Downs. You too can have that same faith and trust when you use the Mac's Pro Pack for your haul.


This Limited Edition Chrome Pack includes our best-selling 2" ratchet strap assemblies. Each is chrome-plated by CustomChrome Plating and rated at 10,000 lb load capacity, providing you with plenty of safety margin.

For our Limited Edition Chrome Pack, we chose only the highest-quality strap materials, which significantly improves chafing and UV resistance over "standard" straps.

Not only will your tie downs look impeccable, but they are also sewn with more than double the stitch count and an 8" long stitch area. This added detail reduces the stress in this critical region.


Our easy release ratchet handle is better than ever.
The easy release ratchet handle eliminates any adjustment stickiness

Our chrome-plated easy-release ratchet handle eliminates annoying adjustment stickiness. The chrome-plated strap mandrel is free-wheeling, eliminating any "stickiness" common when adjusting inferior ratchets.

This one-piece chrome handle, with the addition of mandrel caps, is more rigid and keeps debris out of the moving parts.


Macs axle strap is fleece cover protects your finish
The Pro Pack axle straps are double-wrapped for added protection

The Limited Edition Chrome Pack axle straps are double-wrapped for added protection.

The soft outer 3/8" padded fleece sleeve will protect your vehicle's paint or chrome finish and is removable for washing. The inner Cordura® sleeve protects the chrome-plated axle strap from nicks and cuts.

Axle straps are 24" in length, ensuring you the best fit when securing your vehicle. The chrome axle strap is detachable if you ever want to use the strap on its own.


The Direct Hook option makes it easy to adjust tie downs under your vehicle.
Advantages of the Direct Hook Option

The chrome pack is only available in the very popular direct hook option, which helps to keep the ratchet handle out from under your chassis. By connecting the attachment hook directly to the ratchet handle, the ratchet is now located closer to your attach point and provides superior access in tight-clearance situations.


When you're not using your pack, everything is neatly stored in our custom-made Red Oxx bag. Red Oxx's custom bag makes the perfect, rugged carrying case for your Chrome Pack.

Every Red Oxx bag is made by hand, one-at-a-time, to live up to not only their customers' highest expectations but their own. Built with top-shelf materials and precision manufacturing practices, Red Oxx products are proudly made from their home base in Billings, Montana.

Also included in your Limited Edition Chrome Pack are our custom Mac's strap wraps. After securing your vehicle, use these to neatly hold excess strapping in place.


When your Mac's Limited Edition Chrome Pack isn't being used to protect your passion, keep them in tip-top shape with these microfiber covers. Adam's Polishes provides these microfiber covers, which we have hand sewn to keep your chrome protected and perfectly polished.

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