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ATV Wheel Net Pack with VT Anchor Assemblies

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(2) Large Nets
(2) Medium Nets
(8) Anchor Plates Assemblies
Blue Duffle Bag

Mac's ATV Wheel Net Pack is the ideal way to transport any ATV. We've talked with so many customers who are compressing their suspensions with conventional ratchet straps, and they seem to have one of two problems:

1) People connect to the chassis and compress the suspension so it won't move, but this has a nasty habit of blowing seals on shocks.
2) They don't compress the suspension, and as the trailer bounces up and down the straps are snapped from loose to taut over and over again until they break.

Solution: To solve these issues, Mac's has designed a wheel net that grabs the ATV where the stress should be – at the tires. This method allows the ATV to move the way it was designed without undue strain on the straps. Four nets (two large, two medium) come with all the mounting hardware you need and a slick Mac's storage bag to boot.
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