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UTV (Side by Side) Wheel Net Pack

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Product Highlights

  • Quickly and easily secure your UTV for transport
  • Your UTV wheels are held in place, allowing your UTV's suspension to smoothly absorb the bumps of the road
  • NEW Adjustable Wheel Net option adjusts for when you decide to change tire size!

What's Included

  • (4) UTV Wheel Net Tie Downs
  • (4) Mac's Strap Wraps
  • (1) Mac's Blue Duffle Storage Bag

Product Description

Hold your UTV securely while your suspension smooths the bumps of the road

Advantages of the Mac's UTV Wheel Net System
Advantages of the Mac's UTV Wheel Net System

Mac's UTV Wheel Net Pack was developed specifically for the UTV and Side-by-Side market. Wheel nets lock your UTV wheels in place, while allowing the vehicle's own suspension to smoothly absorb the bumps of the road.

Each wheel net tie down is constructed using 2" wide 12,000lb capacity webbing and 5,000lb capacity hardware, over stitched for an additional margin of safety. This setup will work well with even the heaviest factory UTVs.

Designed to perfectly fit your tires

A snug fitting wheel net is critical to ensuring your vehicle is well secured. We offer two standard wheel nets: Our Adjustable Wheel Net which fits a wide range of popular tires while our 32H x 10W is for larger tires.

To select the right size tire nets for your UTV, simply measure the height and width of your front and rear tires. Compare these dimensions to our two Wheel Net Pack options. If your dimensions fall in range, you're good to go.

Custom Tire Size? No Problem! For tires that fall outside of our two standard fit options, just call us at 800-666-1586. Our wheel nets are fabricated in our factory, right here in Idaho, so we can produce your custom wheel net at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Adjustable Wheel Net: For OEM Tires...With Room To Grow NEW

Adjusting the Wheel Net for a Larger Aftermarket Tire
Adjusting the Wheel Net for a Larger Aftermarket Tire

Our 27" - 31" wheel net pack offers a perfect fit for the most popular UTV original equipment tires, such as the Maxxis Bighorn, used by Polaris, Artic Cat, Can Am and Kawasaki.

Often, UTV owners would like swap out their OEM tires for larger aftermarket sizes. Our Adjustable Wheel Net includes an adjustable leg, so if you do change tire size you can use the same wheel nets. With a simple adjustment, this pack will fit many of the most popular UTV tires, such as Maxxis Bighorn, Kanati Mongrel, STI Roctane, BFG T/A KR2, EFX Motohammer and GMZ Ivan "Iron Man" Stewart.

Adjustable Leg of Wheel Net Accommodates Changing Tire Size

Adjustable Wheel Net Leg Explanation

To determine whether our Adjustable Wheel Net will work for you, measure your tire (See "Selecting the Correct Wheel Net Size" below), then compare the dimensions to the following table:

Our Adjustable Wheel Net Supports The Following Sizes
Height (H) x Width (W), in inches
27 x 9
27 x 9.5
27 x 10
27 x 10.5
27 x 11
28 x 9
28 x 9.5
28 x 10
28 x 10.5
28 x 11
29 x 9
29 x 9.5
29 x 10
29 x 10.5
29 x 11
30 x 9
30 x 9.5
30 x 10
30 x 10.5
30 x 11
31 x 9
31 x 9.5
31 x 10
31 x 10.5
31 x 11

32H x 10W Wheel Net: For Larger Aftermarket Tires

Our 32H x 10W Wheel Net Pack has been specifically designed to perfectly fit the most popular UTV tires in this larger size, including Kanati Mongrel, STI Roctane and EFX Motohammer, or tires with a 32" tall profile. The added depth of these wheel nets ensures a sufficient portion of the tire is held in the "basket" of the net.

Convenient Storage

Your UTV Wheel Net Pack comes with Macs Strap Wraps. After securing your vehicle, use these to neatly hold excess strapping in place.

And when you've arrived, use them to bundle each strap for storage in the included heavy duty Macs padded bag. The tough canvas body is ready to handle your tie down hardware, with a heavy-duty, large-lug zipper that is easily grasped when holding gloves. An internal frame supports the bag when open, making the contents more accessible. The integral handles are made of black webbing that wraps around the bottom for better weight support and a hook-and-loop strap wraps around the handles to keep them together for easy transport.

Made in the USA

We carefully sew and assemble each tie down strap in our Sandpoint Idaho shop, allowing us to maintain a level of quality that is often lost to outsource. Plus, we feel good about creating American jobs!

Selecting the Correct Wheel Net Size

To select the right size nets for your UTV, simply measure, in inches, the height H and width W of your front and rear tires, rounded to the nearest 1/2 inch. Compare these dimensions to our two Wheel Net Pack options. If your dimensions fall in range, you're good to go.

Tire Measurements (in inches)

Still have questions or need a custom solution? Call us at 800-666-1586

See Our UTV Wheel Nets Stress Tested on the Mac's 360 at Sand Sports 2017!

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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