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The Mac's Difference

In the towing business? Macs has a custom solution designed just for you. Most states require a 4-point system for transporting a vehicle - that means two individual assemblies in the front, and two in the back. Any of our packs meet this requirement, and are made from 12,000 lb-strength polyester webbing that does not stretch as much as nylon.

On both the running- and fixed-end of our tie downs we hand sew Class 7 stitching for 8-inches of webbing - much stronger than the typical machine-stitched cross patterns. Apart from our strength, our fleece sleeves provide the ultimate in protection for fine finishes.

Packs properly suited for towing include:

Pro Pack with 40" Through-the-Wheel Straps.

If you're worried about wheel damage, this system ensure wheels will not be damaged during transport. We guarantee this pack is the most protective strap package on the market.

Tow Pack.

So you want to use your factory shipping hook locations instead of a wheel or axle style solution? These packs consist of 4 each 10,000 lb. 2" x 8 feet Ratchet Assemblies. Simply choose the style of running end hardware that suits you best.

Ultra Pack.

Our best selling tie-down package. The hardware on a separate axle strap is shaped to allow for tight clearance applications. Our full length sleeve is designed to stay in place (unlike competitive sliding products) and is made from the thickest material available.

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