Autocross to the Mac's

Autocross to the Mac's

Jan 25, '22

Steve M. registered both his 1989 GMC ramp truck and his 1975 Chevy C10 for the 2021 C10 Nationals at Nashville Superspeedway in Nashville, Tennessee. He hauled the C10 with the GMC to the event using the Mac’s Pro Pack.

While at the C10 Nationals, Steve’s friend Brian (who coincidentally was in charge of the autocross portion of the event) suggested running an exhibition lap around the 3/8-mile autocross course with the C10 secured to the ramp truck. We don’t know many people who would pass up that kind of opportunity.

One last check of the tie downs and it was time to attack the course. And they did just that. It wasn’t a Sunday cruise. Autocross courses are not about raw speed. They consist of short straights, tight turns, slaloms, and chicanes. The hard acceleration, hard braking and tight corners are the perfect test of tie-down strength. After the lap was complete, the C10 did not budge from its original position and the tie downs were just as tight as they were before the run started.

Most people wouldn’t run their tie downs through an autocross course, but this is a great example of the strength of Mac’s products. They are continually put to the test in the most extreme environments and deliver results.

NOTE: While we don’t recommend crossing straps, remember that every tie-down situation is different. Watch Colin break down why Mac’s does not recommend crossing straps.

Steve has been using Mac’s Tie Downs for four years after being introduced to the brand while competing in OPTIMA’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car with his 1970 Chevy Camaro. After seeing them put to use, he knew they were the best tie-downs money could buy and now has three sets: one for his ramp truck, one for his enclosed trailer and one for his open trailer.

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