Be Prepared for the Open Road With Mac’s

Be Prepared for the Open Road With Mac’s

Mar 18, '19

Proper Tie Downs and Usage Saved this Jeep

Scott McDonald, owner of Candor Offroad, and his family were on their way to King of the Hammers towing a Jeep behind their truck and camper. Suddenly, Scott hit a patch of black ice, lost control and rolled the truck. Most importantly there were no injuries.

Although the truck and camper were totaled, the Jeep remained in place and secure on the trailer thanks to the Mac’s Super Pack with Chain Extensions. Since the Jeep was undamaged, Scott was able to drive it off the trailer at the accident scene and use it as primary transportation for his family during the King of the Hammers event.


Tie-Down Straps to Protect Your Passion

With patented heavy-duty ratchets, premium polyester webbing and detailed hand fabrication, Mac’s tie-down straps are the industry leader when it comes to strength and versatility.

Track and Anchor Points to Complement Your Tie-Down Straps

Complete your tie-down package with Mac’s track and trailer deck anchor points, the perfect complement to your tie-down straps.