Tie-Down Violation: Big Trucks

Tie-Down Violation: Big Trucks

Nov 9, '21

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Standard tie-down straps should not be routed around tires. They are meant to be in a straight-pull orientation. The webbing can easily slip off the tire. Also, webbing should never be routed through itself. The abrasion can lead to failure. It's hard to tell in this photo but if the owner is using open-style hooks, they can easily come detached with the slightest loss in tension.

Our Solution: Custom-Fit Tire Nets

Aside from a standard tie-down pack that can easily attach to the truck's axle because of it's height, Custom-Fit Tire Nets are also an option. The design locks the tires in place allowing the vehicle's suspension to work as designed.

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