Tie-Down Violation: Busy But Not Good

Tie-Down Violation: Busy But Not Good

Feb 22, '22

There's a lot going on and none of it is good. Webbing is routed around "sprung" components that are not meant to keep the vehicle in place. These components can also create friction, which can lead to strap failure. As the suspension compresses over bumps, the open-style hook can easily come detached from the trailer.

Our Solution: Mac's Super Pack

Route the integrated axle straps around an "un-sprung" component like the front and rear axles. Mac's direct-hook ratchets include a safety-latch to ensure the ratchet stays connected to the anchor point even with loss in tension. If your trailer has no anchor points, bundle the Super Pack with chain extensions and save $30.

Have a tie-down violation to share with us? Simply email the photo to sales@macstiedowns.com.

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