Disaster Avoided!

Disaster Avoided!

Jun 11, '19

Choosing Proper Tie Downs Saved this Jeep From Disaster

Sam and his family were traveling in their motor home towing a trailer and Jeep. After a loud noise Sam looked in his mirror and saw the now detached trailer and Jeep drifting into the opposite lane. At the same time a sedan was approaching from the opposite direction. He thought to himself…


Built Strong and Ready to Keep you Safe

Whether hauling down the street or across the country, there is no substitute for safety. Sam chose a high-quality tie-down package and so should you.


The More You Know

We share these stories to educate, and show how an already strong and safe tie-down situation, like Sam’s, can be improved. A secondary option would be to uncross the straps and route around the axle housing. This avoids the sharp edges on the lower control arm.