Featured Product: Mac’s Chainsaw Scabbard

Featured Product: Mac’s Chainsaw Scabbard

May 18, '18

A Safe Way to Transport Your Chainsaw in Any Situation

Living in Idaho, the Mac’s team has come to expect the unexpected when out on the trails. From clearing debris to chasing off grizzlies, we have learned to always be prepared. The Mac’s Chainsaw Scabbard lets us safely store and haul an otherwise bulky necessity, clearing additional space for important gear.

The open-ended design allows you to store and transport any size chainsaw.
The all-aluminum construction can withstand any condition and the integrated flange allows you to mount the scabbard in a location that’s convenient for you.


The Chainsaw Scabbard is useful in so many more applications besides riding the trails. No matter the industry, having your gear stored correctly and safely makes all the difference.

Mount the scabbard to the emergency vehicle for better equipment organization.
Use the scabbard with a padlock for extra security when away from the vehicle.
Mount the scabbard to the truck or ATV to clear up additional cargo space.