Featured Product: Mac’s PiVOT

Featured Product: Mac’s PiVOT

Jun 11, '18

Remove and Install Your Engines Easily with a Mac’s PiVOT

Those of you that have removed and replaced a vehicle’s engine probably don’t look forward to doing it again. The process is time-consuming, laborious and could potentially damage your vehicle if not executed properly.
We listened and came to the rescue. The  Mac’s PiVOT allows you to safely rotate an engine up to 35 degrees with a simple turn of the lead screw.  Being able to adjust the angle on-the-fly makes the removal and installation process quick and easy.
Multiple hole patterns allows the PiVOT to attach to the most popular two- and four-barrel carburetors.
No need to worry if you don’t have a common carburetor base flange for attachment. Mac’s produces a number of  adapters for engines ranging from the Ford Flathead V8 to the GM LS9; with more on the way.

Hear what industry experts have to say about the Mac’s PiVOT

“This is really the best way to do it…it’s a nice piece.”

“From the moment I picked the engine off the ground…it only took 18 minutes.”