Innovate. Develop. Deliver.

Innovate. Develop. Deliver.

Apr 5, '22

As the needs of our customers change, we must be ready to adapt. That's why we continually strive to find innovative ways to better secure your haul. Here's a sampling of some industry firsts and unique products that make your tie-down situation easier.

Monkey Face and Low-Profile Lashing Winch

A true game changer. Works with trailer stake pockets, accepts all Mac's end fittings and more. Pairs with the completely redesigned Low-Profile Lashing Winch. Watch more

Weld-On Brackets

Axle and flat-back designs create a permanent tie-down point and eliminate the need for an axle strap. Watch more

VersaTie Hook

Countless uses for this small-but-mighty addition to the VersaTie line of fittings. Hang a bag, shirt, racing suit, helmet or hat. Watch more

Mac's Pads

Born out of the need to protect the trailer deck while hauling heavy loads. Multiple uses to not only protect the trailer but whatever it is you're hauling as well. Watch more

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