Tie-Down Violation: Jeep

Tie-Down Violation: Jeep

Jun 29, '21

One tie-down strap at the rear is not enough to keep this Jeep secure. Not only is it unsafe, it's likely illegal. Most states require a tie-down strap on each corner of the vehicle. In addition, the webbing is routed around sharp edges of the trailer stake pockets and attached using a non-safety-style hook. This all creates a recipe for disaster.

Our Solution: Pro Pack

The Mac's Pro Pack is ideal for through-the-wheel applications. The included padded fleece sleeve protects the axle strap and the wheel itself. Without proper anchor points, add Chain Extensions for use in the trailer stake pockets.
Bundle the Pro Pack with Chain Extensions to save $30 versus buying them individually. Choose the bundle option, select your length/color then Add selected to cart.

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