Mac’s 1″ Tie-Down Straps vs. The Competition

Mac’s 1″ Tie-Down Straps vs. The Competition

Jul 11, '18

Colin McLemore took on the competition to prove the superior strength of Mac’s products. He purchased a generic 1″ tie-down strap from a big-box store and tested its Maximum Breaking Strength against a Mac’s 1″ tie-down strap.

Even before the destruction test began, a side-by-side comparison of the two straps showed the Mac’s product to be superior.

Mac’s 1″ Tie-Down Strap

  • Wide, comfortable handle
  • 3/8″ vinyl-coated S-Hook
  • Double-box, X-pattern stitching

Generic 1″ Tie-Down Strap

  • Narrow, sharp handle
  • 1/4″ S-Hook
  • Single-box, X-pattern stitching

In the end, the more expensive, generic 1″ tie-down strap failed at 1,500 pounds while the Mac’s 1″ tie-down strap exceeded 3,600 pounds.

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