Mac’s Recovery Products

Mac’s Recovery Products

Mar 2, '20

Be Prepared for Any Sticky Situation 

You can’t always predict trouble, but you can be prepared to get out of any sticky situation. Mac’s recovery and towing products are strong and versatile enough to handle any recovery situation, whether you’re on-track, off-road or even on the water.


Tow Straps 

Mac’s Tow Straps are manufactured using the same high-quality webbing you’ve come to expect from Mac’s. Available in 20- and 30-foot lengths, and up to 57,000-pound towing capacity. 

Originally designed to meet front and rear tow-point requirements for the USCA race series, the Mac’s Soft-Touch Tow Point is a lightweight, strong and rattle-free way to pull your vehicle. 

    Looking for something specific? Check out the complete selection of Mac’s recovery/towing straps         and hardware. 

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