Mac’s Stops a Real-Life Cliffhanger

Mac’s Stops a Real-Life Cliffhanger

Jan 28, '20

JR and his family were vacationing in the Colorado mountains. While hauling his Jeep and his son’s RZR up the snow-covered mountain road, the RAM 3500 lost traction and began to slide backwards. With the mountain wall to his right and the cliff-side to his left, JR had two choices: direct the trailer toward the mountain wall and risk it jack-knifing off the cliff-side or direct the trailer toward a tree along the cliff-side. He chose to direct the trailer toward the tree but unfortunately missed. Luckily, after the trailer went off the side of the mountain, it settled on top of a rock that was hidden under the snow.


With help from his brother Sylvester and cousin Francisco, and two additional trucks and Jeeps, JR spent four hours attempting to self-recover his truck and trailer. No luck. They called a local towing service, and after two additional hours, were able to pull the truck and trailer safely onto the road. The Mac’s tie-down products used never faltered and kept both vehicles in place during the entire 6-hour endeavor.


JR first started using Mac’s in 2017 after winning a tie-down pack at the Unlimited LJ Adventure event. “I was very impressed with the quality and durability,” he said. “I quickly bought another pack so that my son’s RZR and my Jeep would both be secure.” Before then, he was using generic 30-foot tie-down straps from an automotive store. “They didn’t have a safety hook and I’d have to change them out once a year because the dirt and mud would jam the gears.”


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