Mac’s Tie Down Violation-Cadillac

Mac’s Tie Down Violation-Cadillac

Jun 21, '18

We’ll start with the positive; the owner used two ratchet assemblies. However, not only is it time-consuming to wrap all that excess webbing, the visual camouflage will make it hard to find an issue if one arises. The generic wire hook end fittings leave no margin for safety, which is why we always recommend a safety hook. Lastly, if the more than 5,000 pound Cadillac rolls back as little as two inches, those hooks will become detached as they are not fixed to a dedicated fitting..

Our Solution: Direct Hook Ratchet

 Choose our patented Direct Hook ratchet end fitting on the Mac’s Ultra Pack or Super Pack, which keeps the ratchet handle out from under the vehicle for easy access.

Already have Mac’s straps? Easily switch to the Direct Hook option with our conversion kit. And don’t forget our wide variety of deck hardware to complete your tie down.