Mac’s Tie-Down Violation: Polaris ATV

Mac’s Tie-Down Violation: Polaris ATV

Apr 11, '18

When we’re traveling to events or simply driving down the road, we often see some interesting tie-down situations. We do our best to document these tie-down violations, not to embarrass the owner, but help educate consumers on the correct and safe way to secure whatever they are hauling.


At a recent event we came across this ATV “secured” to a trailer. There are a few violations that make us concerned. The tension and geometry of the rear strap will not prevent this ATV from rolling forward and potentially jumping the trailer rail. Ideally there should be two separate strap assemblies attached to the suspension from the rear of the trailer. Amazingly, the green strap across the seat is protecting the ATV more than the strap routed through the hitch, but that isn’t saying much.

We Recommend these Mac’s Products for this Polaris Owner

Utility Pack

Everything you need to keep your ATV safe for less than what the owner probably paid for the seat on his Polaris.

ATV Wheel Nets

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