Mac's Prevents a Doe-saster

Mac's Prevents a Doe-saster

May 26, '20

Kevin Jack, owner of Thunder Road Street Rods, has been a Mac’s customer for 20 years. He was recently hauling a 1949 Mercury body and a 1934 Chevy coupe body on his open trailer. Both bodies were secured to the trailer using Mac’s tie-down straps. Additionally, the Chevy was bolted to a base that was screwed to the trailer deck.

During the early morning hours, while en route to Eugene, Oregon, a large doe crossed the highway directly in front of Kevin. He swerved, the trailer tilted onto two wheels and slammed back down on all four. The impact was so severe, the base screws were pulled out of the trailer deck. Luckily, the Mac’s tie-down straps kept both bodies in place and secure.

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