Measuring for Custom-Fit Wheel Nets: It’s 2 Easy!

Measuring for Custom-Fit Wheel Nets: It’s 2 Easy!

Feb 5, '19

Two Simple Measurements and You’re Ready to Order

Custom-Fit Wheel Nets

Mac’s Custom-Fit Wheel Nets are just that…custom. Each net is built to your  tire specifications. The versatile design can be used with both open wheel vehicles and vehicles with low profiles or tight wheel wells. Simply measure your tire height and sidewall width, and you’re ready to order by calling 800-666-1586.


Custom Built to Fit Any Tire…Literally

Don’t think our Custom-Fit Wheel Nets will fit your  tire? Think again. Much like a tailored suit is sculpted around your body type and measurements, our nets are made to fit perfectly on your tire. Short, tall, thin or wide…we tailor our nets to any size.

The Most Secure Tie-Down Method Available

We have a history of bold product strength demonstrations. You’ll probably recognize Mac’s founder and owner, Colin McLemore, in the photo below. In 2013 at the Easter Jeep Safari event in Moab, Utah, he hung his personal Jeep 20 feet off the ground secured to the trailer deck using only Mac’s Custom-Fit Wheel Nets. Colin proudly stands behind (or under) his products.

How to Measure and Order Your Wheel Nets

We make it easy for you to order your Custom-Fit Wheel Nets. All we need are two simple measurements.

That’s it! Then call 800-666-1586 and we’ll begin building your nets right here in our Idaho facility.