New Double-Stud Anchor Plate

New Double-Stud Anchor Plate

Oct 17, '17

Mac’s Tie Downs Introduces Double-Stud Anchor Plate Assembly

The perfect complement to the Mac’s VersaTie™ Track System, the new Mac’s Double-Stud Anchor Plate Assembly is designed for heavier loads when a full-length track or adjustability is not necessary.

The Double-Stud Anchor Plate Assembly is a versatile solution for many applications. The design allows a tie-down point anywhere, and when the fitting is removed the anchor plate is smooth and unobtrusive.

The assembly includes:

  • (1) aluminum double-stud anchor plate
  • (1) backing plate
  • (1) VT-2000 double-stud tie-down ring
  • (3) 1/4″ dia. stainless steel machine screws (available in a variety of lengths)
  • Also available in a cost-saving 4-pack

All Mac’s Tie Downs’ products are proudly made in Idaho.


Versatile Applications and Easy to Install

The Mac’s Double-Stud Anchor Plate Assembly is a truly versatile tool that can be used in various trailers and for multiple applications. Most recently, as part of the Bonner County EMS Upgrade, the Mac’s team created a solution to better secure their Polaris vehicle to the trailer. Using the new Double-Stud Anchor Plate Assembly at all four corners, we were able to secure the Mac’s UTV Tire Net Packs and reduce movement during transit.

The new Double-Stud Anchor Plate Assembly can be used in a variety of applications. Check out the photo gallery below for examples.


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 mid-wheel-net-anchor-popup  rear-wheel-net-anchor-popup  anchor-plate-dimensions-popup  backing-plate-dimensions-popup
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