Now Available! Mac’s 1″ Strap Packs!

Now Available! Mac’s 1″ Strap Packs!

May 27, '19

All Mac’s 1″ Straps Now Available as Complete Packs

You likely have more to haul besides your vehicle. The versatile Mac’s 1″ tie-down strap offerings are built to handle it all: from lightweight vehicles and motorcycles to all your necessary cargo and gear.
As if our 1″ tie-down straps couldn’t get any better, each offering is now available as a complete pack with various lengths, colors, tensioners and attachment styles to choose from.


An excellent choice for securing your motorcycle or other important cargo. Now available with various attachment styles and tensioner types.



A Mac’s exclusive now available as a pack. No need to remember separate soft loops to protect your motorcycle’s finish.


Now available as a pack for when you need to cinch up loose cargo but don’t need (or want) an anchor point. Simply run the strap around your cargo and back through the tensioner.

Small Size but Still Outperforms the Competition

Don’t let the size fool you. Mac’s 1″ tie-down straps are the strongest, most reliable tie-down straps in the industry thanks to premium webbing, a double box stitch pattern and 2,800-pound Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS). Don’t believe us? See for yourself…


A Complete Line of 1″ Tie-Down Products

No matter the lightweight vehicle or cargo you need to secure, Mac’s has the right 1″ tie-down solution for your application. Don’t forget to complete your tie-down package with Mac’s anchor points.

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