Our Ratchets Just Got Salty!

Our Ratchets Just Got Salty!

Jan 24, '18

Mac’s Products are Extreme-Tested Beyond Everyday Use

One reason we’re the leader in tie-down solutions is because we never stop innovating, whether it’s our patented easy-release ratchet, or our “direct hook” design, which moves the tie-down ratchet out from under your vehicle.

Our ongoing effort to engineer advances in the fit, finish, function and durability of our products means you’re always getting the best tie-down solution money can buy.

Recently, we developed a new zinc coating that dramatically improves the corrosion resistance of our steel components. To prove it, we ran our ratchets through a rigorous salt bath corrosion test — an extreme test that simulates years of constant exposure in a salty environment.

The results speak for themselves:

Our improved corrosion-resistant coating will keep your tie downs looking and operating smoothly for even longer. You’ll find the new coating on all of our 2″ wide tie downs, including our Tie-Down Packs and Custom-Fit Wheel Nets.

Any interest in a black-coated ratchet? We’ve been thinking about this as a new option, so we tested it in a salt bath as well. We were very happy with the results.

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