Sand Sports 2017

Sand Sports 2017

Sep 26, '17

After months of planning, coordinating and building, the time had finally arrived to debut the Mac’s 360° – The Ultimate Tie-Down Tester. We could not have asked for a more perfect location – and weather – than Costa Mesa, CA at the Sand Sports Super Show.

We rolled into the show with the Mac’s 360° mounted to the new Load Trail trailer and immediately went to work getting the custom-built platform ready to rotate thanks to the ALM Positioners headstock/tailstock. Since this was an off-road event, we rotated a Yamaha YXZ graciously loaned to us by owner and racer Scott Pfeiffer. When Casey from UTV Magazine introduced Scott to Colin, that was the first time they had ever spoken to each other. But Scott had complete confidence that the Mac’s products would keep his vehicle safe. The Yamaha was loaded onto the platform with the help of our WARN winch and, once in place, the Mac’s team secured all four corners using Mac’s Custom-Fit Tire Nets and a Mac’s UTV Pack…and nothing else. With the Yamaha secured to the platform it was time to rotate.


With the Mac’s 360° platform elevated and rotating it was hard to miss from all corners of the outdoor exhibit area. Attendees couldn’t help but stop and stare as the Yamaha rotated a full 360 degrees, showing off the strength of the Mac’s products. It was definitely a conversation starter as the Mac’s team was busy all weekend helping to educate attendees on the importance of high-quality tie down solutions. And our products won’t break your bank! As we like to say, a Mac’s product is the cheapest insurance policy you’ll ever buy. Mac’s Custom-Fit Tire Nets are less expensive than many expect.

It’s easy for a company to claim they trust their own products. We’ve always stood behind our statement that Mac’s products are the strongest and most reliable in the industry. Colin and Josh decided to show everyone that they really do trust Mac’s products…with their lives. So much so that they both strapped into the Yamaha and took a spin.

We want to thank everyone that came out to the Sand Sports Super Show and came by to see us and the Mac’s 360°. It was a tremendous success and we even sold out of the inventory we brought with us to the show. Once we returned from the trip we were able to fulfill all of the additional orders, which area already en route to their owners. Thank you again to our great customers.

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