Saved by the Tie Down

Saved by the Tie Down

Aug 16, '22

Steve B. and his wife were on a 300-mile, 4-day ride from Mesquite, Nevada to Bar 10 Ranch in St. George, Utah on their 2017 Polaris General. On this particular day, the two of them – along with their friends Howard and Walter – ventured out to Parashant National Monument to take in the views.

During the drive Steve felt what he thought were the shocks fading because the General was bottoming out over bumps when it shouldn’t. Once at their destination, they noticed that the right-rear tire had serious camber and quickly realized that the rear A-arm had broken. Being 20 miles away from Bar 10 Ranch and the nearest welder, they needed to think quick.

Steve had Mac’s 1” utility tie-down in the General and they decided to use them to secure the components together. The bung for the rod end had broken the weld around the tube so they were able to slide the bung back into the tubing and used Mac’s straps around the bottom of the wheel to pull the lower arm back together. Strategic placement of the tie downs allowed the arm to articulate with the shock and upper arm. A total team effort.

Not knowing if it would work, this was the best solutions considering how far from base camp and without proper welding tools available. He only had to stop once to tighten the straps, but his idea got them back to Bar 10 Ranch where Howard from Iron Cross Fabrication was able to weld everything back together. Steve was then able to put in more than 100 miles after the fix before heading home.

As far as the straps themselves, they are still in good shape. One strap does have some major chafing from rubbing on the broken trailing arm, which is to be expected.

“We depend on Macs Tie Downs for all our tie-down needs at Rugged Radios," said Steve. "It is always nice to know your load is secure especially when we put so many miles on all our vehicles.”

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