Simplify Engine Installs with the Mac’s PiVOT

Simplify Engine Installs with the Mac’s PiVOT

Mar 5, '19

The Mac’s PiVOT Simplifies Engine Removal and Installation

A lot of time and effort goes into building or restoring a vehicle. At Mac’s we find ways to simplify aspects of that process. The Mac’s PiVOT Articulating Engine Lift Plate makes an engine and transmission removal and installation quick and easy.

The Mac’s PiVOT is Designed for Convenience

No more cumbersome chains or jacks under the transmission. The Mac’s PiVOT bolts directly to the intake manifold and its adjustable arm allows the engine and transmission to tilt up to 35 degrees with the simple turn of an orientation bolt.

One PiVOT – Multiple Engines

The Mac’s PiVOT includes several hole patterns to support the most popular 2- and 4-barrel carburetors. For more racing-specific or fuel-injected engines, plate and cradle adapters are sold separately; from a Ford Flathead 8 to the GM LS9.


Introducing the NEW LT PiVOT Adapter and LS Conversion Kit

Mac’s continues to grow its line of PiVOT adapters. Our latest cradle adapter was designed specifically for GM LT1 and LT4 engines. Also available is a GM LS to LT conversion kit.


If you own a GM engine now might be your last chance to purchase select Mac’s PiVOT adapters. The GM V8 fuel injection and GM throttle body injection PiVOT adapters have been discontinued. A limited quantity are still available so be sure to order soon before they’re gone forever.