Standard Straps vs Tire Nets

Standard Straps vs Tire Nets

Jun 28, '22

Mac’s Tie Downs has the widest variety of tie-down solutions built exclusively for specific applications. While big-box-stores advertise all-in-one, universal tie downs, they aren’t and shouldn’t be used that way.

The two most common automotive tie downs by Mac’s are straight-pull tie-down straps or over-the-tire/tire bonnet/tire nets. While tire nets have many names, their use is straightforward. Tire nets secure each tire to the trailer deck, allowing the vehicle’s suspension to compress and decompress over bumps in the road.

There are several benefits for choosing tire nets over straight-pull tie-down straps. As we always say, each tie-down situation is different.

All-Around Protection
With tire nets, there are eight anchor points (two per net) instead of four anchor points (one per straight-pull tie-down strap). This disperses the vehicle load and reduces the stress on each anchor point. Tire nets capture the front and rear of the tire as well as the sides, creating 360° of protection.

Ideal for Slammed Vehicles
For low-lying vehicles, pair tire nets with VersaTie track and the VersaTie idler to redirect webbing and eliminate contact with the vehicle chassis.

Less Pressure on Suspension
The vehicle’s suspension is not compressed for prolonged periods of time, which elevates pressure on the seals. The suspension continues to work as designed, smoothly absorbing the bumps of the road.

Note: One counterargument is that aggressive bumps could cause damage to suspension components or expensive electronics. For instance, drag racing vehicles have sensitive on-board technology. We’ve got you covered. The Mac’s Chassis Stabilizer is a great complement to tire nets. They are built exclusively to ensure suspension components are not unnecessarily overworked during transport.  

Better for Tight Spaces
Depending on your trailer length, hauling more than one vehicle could be a tight fit. It would likely be difficult to get in between and under each vehicle to attach a straight-pull tie-down strap to a lower control arm or suspension component. With tire nets, they can easily be routed over the tire and attached to the anchor points whilst standing outside of an open trailer.

Run Out of Trailer Length
Again, depending on your trailer length, you could likely be maximizing the space without room to run a straight-pull tie-down strap out to an anchor point. Tire nets allow you to safely attach to an anchor point with minimal trailer length needed behind the vehicle.

Whether you choose straight-pull tie downs or tire nets for your full-size vehicle or utility vehicle, Mac's has the right industry-leading product backed by first-class customer service. If you have any questions, call us at 800-666-1586.

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