Tie-Down Violation: Strap Capacity

Tie-Down Violation: Strap Capacity

Aug 10, '21

Two tie-down straps at the rear...a good start. However, the strap capacity is woefully inadequate for that vehicle. They are more suitable for securing garbage cans on the way to the dump. The owner is also using open-style hooks that can easily come detached. Lastly, the webbing is routed over and under sharp edges of the trailer, which could lead to cuts.

Our Solution: Pro Pack

Because the vehicle is low-lying, we recommend the Mac's Pro Pack. Route the Axle Straps, wrapped in the included padded fleece sleeves, around the wheels. Since there are no anchor points on the trailer, use chain extensions routed through the stake pockets.
Bundle the Pro Pack with Chain Extensions to save $30.

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