Mac's Success Story: SEMA Buggy

Mac's Success Story: SEMA Buggy

Feb 2, '21

Val, Mike and their two friends were traveling to The SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV from Table Mesa, AZ. The four were in a Kodiak C5500 tow vehicle with a 40’ work and play enclosed trailer attached. In the trailer was a Twisted Customs 4-seat buggy secured using a Mac’s Super Pack with integrated axle straps and sewn-in chain extensions.

While traveling on Highway 93, between Kingman, AZ and the Hoover Dam, the right front tire of the truck suddenly blew. Traveling at 65 MPH at the time of the tire failure, they crossed a divided highway into oncoming traffic, jumped a ditch, went through a fence, and finally came to a stop in the Arizona desert. Fortunately, there was no impact with oncoming traffic and no one was seriously injured. Both the tow vehicle and trailer, however, were totaled.

Through all of that, the buggy inside the trailer did not budge. If the tie downs would have failed, the buggy would surely have gone through the trailer and crushed the passengers. At the time of the accident, the Mac’s products were five years old. A true testament to the strength and durability of Mac’s products. Those tie downs have since been replaced.

“It is not if, but when you have to prepare for the worst-case scenario,” explained Val. Always go prepared and strap down your vehicle with something you know will hold it in place. Not something that may hold it in place.”

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