Three UTV Wheel Net Sizes Now Available

Three UTV Wheel Net Sizes Now Available

Aug 5, '19


Adjustable UTV Wheel Nets to Fit Your Specific Tires


We often hear one of the first upgrades to a UTV are the tires. With a simple adjustment to the 3-bar slide, your UTV nets can easily fit a larger tire without having to purchase a new product.


3 New UTV Wheel Net Sizes Available for the Perfect Fit


With your choice of small, medium or large UTV Wheel Nets, you can accommodate tire sizes from 27″ to 35″ tall.


How to Measure Your UTV Tires



Measure, in inches, the height and width of your tires, rounded to the nearest half inch. Match your dimensions to the tables here and you’re good to go.


Double Stud Anchor Plates Complement Your UTV Wheel Nets

Add a heavy-duty anchor point where track is not desired or required. This 5,000-pound Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) anchor point includes the pear shaped double stud tie-down ring.