Tie-Down Violation: Tie-Down Totals

Tie-Down Violation: Tie-Down Totals

Mar 8, '22

When we say "two tie-down straps in the back," this is not what we mean. One strap routed around an axle is illegal in most states. Also, routing the webbing around the axle can cause excessive wear and eventual failure altogether. Plus, the open-style hooks will come detached from the d-ring with the slightest loss in tension.

Our Solution: Mac's Ultra Pack

A great tie-down pack for the price. The Ultra Pack includes four tie-down straps: two for the front and two for the rear. Axle Straps are built to be routed around a vehicle's axle to keep the webbing in a taught, straight position. All end fittings include a safety latch to ensure the hook stays connected even with loss in tension.

Have a tie-down violation to share with us? Simply email the photo to sales@macstiedowns.com.

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