Tie-Down Violation: Audi

Tie-Down Violation: Audi

Aug 13, '18
Looks like the owner upgraded the motorhome, vehicle and trailer, but forgot to upgrade the tie downs and anchor points. Perhaps the police officer (just ahead and to the right) gave him a crash course on the basic laws of physics.
  • The one strap (illegal) on the rear of the vehicle is pulling it to the right, potentially damaging the paint.
  • The wire hook lacks a safety latch, which can detach completely with the slightest loss of tension.
  • The edge of the webbing is rubbing on the stake pocket, which can lead to a complete strap failure.

Our Solution:

Recessed D-Ring Anchor Point Ultra Pack Tie Downs

Paired with a Mac’s Ultra Pack, our Recessed D-Ring and backing plate allows you to create an anchor point anywhere on the trailer deck.

Solutions available to fit your needs: