Tie-Down Violation – Challenger

Tie-Down Violation – Challenger

Feb 3, '20

The cost to replace one wheel that will likely be damaged from this tie-down situation will be higher than the cost of a Mac’s tie-down pack.

  1. No doubt that the unprotected webbing will cause damage to the wheels.
  2. The non-safety-style hooks could come loose with the slightest rock of the vehicle toward the rear of the trailer.
  3. The webbing is old and tattered, which increases the chances of failure. 

Our Solution: Mac’s Pro Pack


Choose a Mac’s Pro Pack with fleece-protected axle straps to eliminate wheel damage. The direct-hook ratchet will stay out and away from under the low profile chassis. Plus, the included strap wraps will keep th excess webbing neat and tidy. 


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