Tie-Down Violation- Ferrari

Tie-Down Violation- Ferrari

Mar 18, '19
It looks like the owner’s budget went entirely to the Ferrari and there was nothing left for a proper trailer or tie down. We don’t know this particular situation but it’s safe to assume the front of the vehicle is as poorly secured as the rear.
  1. A 1″ strap is never a good choice for a vehicle — it’s not built to secure the weight.
  2. Using only one strap at the rear further diminishes the chances of keeping the vehicle in place in the event of an accident or sudden stop.
  3. Routing any strap around metal components of a trailer could cut the webbing.


Our Solution:

Mac’s Pro Pack with Chain Extensions

A Mac’s 40″ Pro Pack allows you the choice to secure the strap around suspension components or through the wheels with the fleece-wrapped axle straps. Add Chain Extensions to wrap around a stake pocket or, in the case of the example above, around the frame header.


Add Chain Extensions to your Pro Pack order and save $30 versus buying them individually. Simply choose “Direct Hook with Chain Extension” before adding to your cart.
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