Tie-Down Violation – Honda

Tie-Down Violation – Honda

Oct 29, '19

Hopefully this vehicle is headed to the junkyard, in which case the owner should also leave the trailer. 

  1. None of the visible tie-down straps are routed around a significant part of the vehicle and utilize non-safety-style hooks.
  2. The blue strap at the rear is routed across the bumper. The slightest forward movement of the vehicle and that strap can slip off.
  3. The strap routed across the front windshield is likely causing damage to the vehicle’s finish.

Due to lack of proper deck hardware, the Mac’s Ultra Pack can be paired with Chain Extensions to keep the vehicle safe and secure while on the open road. 

Add Chain Extensions to your Ultra Pack order and save $30 versus buying them individually. Simply choose “Direct Hook with Chain Extension” before adding to your cart. 

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