Tie-Down Violation- Too Many Straps

Tie-Down Violation- Too Many Straps

Jul 22, '19

Each strap this owner chose is underrated to support the Jeep. Plus, you lose a minimum 30% of strength when wrapping around a sharp corner like the iron frame. We can only image what the rear of the vehicle looks like.

  1. Open style, non-safety hooks can come detached with the slightest loss of strap tension.
  2. The blue and orange straps are connected to the bumper, a sprung part of the vehicle. The Jeep suspension will compress and rebound over bumps, shocking the straps.
  3. A winch is not a tie down. Just ask your favorite winch company. Using a winch as a tie down is very hard on the planetary gear.

Our Solution: Mac’s Super Pack with Chain Extensions

The Mac’s Super Pack with Chain Extensions would be a simple, fast and safer way to secure this Jeep.
Add Chain Extensions to your Super Pack order and save $30 versus buying them individually. Simply choose “Direct Hook with Chain Extension” before adding to your cart.
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