Tie-Down Violation- Truck

Tie-Down Violation- Truck

Apr 29, '19
Amazingly this isn’t the worst tie-down situation we’ve come across, but it’s still not good.
  1. As we’ve stated many times before, open-style hooks run the risk of detaching with the slightest loss in tension.
  2. It looks like rope is being used at the front of the truck. If that’s the case, rope is not strong enough to secure the weight.
  3. The webbing between the cab and bed could very likely be cut from sharp edges.

Our Solutions:

Mac’s Cinch Pack and Lashing Winch

The Mac’s Cinch Pack is perfect for short point-to-point distance tie-down situations. Replacing the ratchet handle with a Mac’s Lashing Winch helps even more with tight spaces.

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