Tie-Down Violation Truck

Tie-Down Violation Truck

Aug 21, '19

Tie-Down violations like the one pictured above remind us that we have an obligation to provide the industry proper tie-down education. If you have question call us at 800-666-1586 . That’s what we’re here for!

  1. The tie-down strap at the rear is wrapped around two knife edges. The sharp tail of trailer will surely slice through the webbing.
  2. Using one tie-down strap at the rear is insufficient. Don’t skimp on tie downs at the rear of the vehicle.
  3. The front tie-down strap is routed through a stamped steel wheel with a chrome cover. That material will surely cut through the webbing as well.

Our Solution: Mac’s Flat Hook

Although it’s not our first choice because it doesn’t utilize a safety-style hook, a Mac’s Flat Hook would be a much better solution. If possible, adding deck hardware like the Mac’s Recessed or Surface Mounted D-Ring would be even better.