Tie-Down Violation- Unique Tie Down

Tie-Down Violation- Unique Tie Down

Jun 24, '19

This is surely one of the most unique tie-down violations we’ve come across. At least the license plate was removed to protect the guilty party.

  1. Do not secure a vehicle side to side. There is nothing keeping this vehicle from rolling front to rear, which is the purpose of a tie down.
  2. Any amount of tension on these straps will do damage to the vehicle’s finish.
  3. The midpoint strap is attached to the trailer fender with an open-style hook. A fender is not an anchor point.
  4. The rear strap is knotted around the trailer side rail. Knotting any tie down reduces its strength by a minimum of 30 percent.

Our Solution: Mac’s Super Pack with Axle Straps

This owner needs a pro like Mac’s to help better secure his vehicle. A Super Pack with additional Axle Straps will make up for the lack of proper deck hardware on this trailer.

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