Tie-Down Violation- UTV

Tie-Down Violation- UTV

Jul 10, '19

We hope this owner is simply hauling his UTV across the street. Even then, there is a good chance these tie-down straps will break or simply fall off.


  1. As we see far too often, the owner is using open-style hooks that will detach with the slightest compression.
  2. The unrated straps are not built to handle the compression and rebound of the suspension.
  3. Tying to the roll-cage is not a proper anchor point of the UTV.

Our Solution: Mac’s UTV Tie-Down Pack

The Mac’s UTV Tie-Down Pack is built with high-quality 2-inch webbing and includes our patented Direct Hook ratchet. Each strap is rated for 5,000 pound minimum Breaking Strength (MBS).

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