Tie-Down Violation- UTV Wheel Nets

Tie-Down Violation- UTV Wheel Nets

Aug 5, '19

If this were the Army we’d strip these Generals of their title. The owner has roughly $40,000 worth of machinery on an estimated $2,000 trailer, and is using $20 tie-down equipment. The math just doesn’t add up.

  1. As we often see, this owner chose open style, non-safety hooks attached to a stake pocket.
  2. The webbing is routed around a “sprung” part of the vehicle (the roll cage). About 1″ of suspension compression is all the non-safety hook needs to come detached.
  3. It appears that the rear machine is held to the front machine by a tie down strap routed around the a-pillar with a non-safety hook.

Our Solution: Mac’s UTV Wheel Nets

The Mac’s UTV Wheel Nets are the perfect solution for this situation. There is little to no space between the two vehicles and our nets do not require much real estate on the trailer deck.
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