Tie-Down Violation: Pickup Truck

Tie-Down Violation: Pickup Truck

Sep 14, '20

We hope this truck is not being hauled far or at high speed.

  • Only two tie-down straps are being used. Not only illegal, but the straps are not rated high enough to keep the truck secure.
  • There is nothing in view keeping this truck from rolling backward on the trailer. Engaging the e-brake and/or putting the transmission in "park" is not enough.
  • The webbing is routed through the sharp edges of the stake pockets and potentially sharp edges of the wheels.

Our Solution: Multiple Mac's Products

There are a number of Mac's solutions to better secure this truck. None of which include routing through the wheels.

  • With minimal space at the front of the trailer, a lashing winch with a short strap assembly routed around the front axle housing would be ideal.
  • A second option on all four corners would be Custom-Fit Tire Nets.
  • At the rear, route the combination axle straps included with the Super Pack around the differential housing, with optional chain extensions through the stake pockets.

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