Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket

Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket

Oct 14, '19

Down Easier with Mac’s Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket

You can now create a permanent anchor point on your vehicle, removing the need for a separate axle strap. The Mac’s Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket helps keep your tie downs away from critical components (i.e. brake lines, wires and hoses) and eliminates abrasion to your webbing and axle housing. Watch our new series…

This universal product is perfect for all vehicles including off-road, high performance, classics and those with low profiles.

Pair Your Bracket with Mac’s 2″ Ratchet Straps

Complete your tie-down package with the Mac’s 2″ Ratchet Strap, available with a Flat Snap Hook, Twisted Snap Hook, Wire Hook, or Flat Hook. Multiple lenghts are available to fit your vehicle and trailer.

Not interested in welding? Shop Mac’s automotive tie-down packs that include axle straps.

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