Single Stud Tie-Down Ring

The Single Stud Tie-Down Ring works with our VersaTie track system

One-handed installation adds a tie-down point anywhere on your VersaTie track system

Our Single Stud Tie-Down Ring is a quick way to add flexible tie down points anywhere along your deck or bed. Designed to work with our VersaTie track systems or anchor plates, the Single Stud Tie-Down Ring is perfect for securing motorcycles, lumber, coolers or other small loads.

The Single Stud Tie-Down Ring is comprised of a cadmium plated allow steel stud, an anodized aluminum body and a stainless steel ring, ensuring years of trouble-free use.

Designed to a 3000lb Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) in vertical pull and a 2000lb MBS at 45° (Recommended working load is 1/3 MBS). The design allows for one-handed installation and the ring rotates a full 360°, to ensure good alignment with your tie-down.