Canopy/Awning Cinch Tie-Down Strap

Secure Your Awning the Mac's way!

No one wants to chase their trailer canopy down the road on a windy day. You already trust Mac's products to hold your vehicle for transport. Now you can count on that same quality when tethering your canopy, tent or awning.

Strong and Dependable

The Mac's Canopy/Awning Cinch Tie-Down Strap is constructed with the same high-strength webbing and end fittings as our other industry-leading tie-down products, including our easy-release ratchet system, so setup and take-down just got easier!

Our Canopy/Awning Cinch Tie-Down Strap is fabricated to an incredible 10,000lb Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS), for handling even the strongest wind gusts. The strap offers a generous 12 foot length to secure tents, canopies or awnings of any height. To further protect your framework's structure, the looped end of the strap is Cordura-lined, for soft contact.

Easy Release Ratchet

The easy release ratchet handle eliminates any adjustment stickiness

The hook end of the Cinch Tie-Down Strap includes our famously easy-to-use ratchet. Recent design changes to our ratchet handle make it better than ever! The strap mandrel is now free-wheeling, eliminating any "stickiness" common when adjusting most other ratchets.

The one piece handle and addition of mandrel caps makes this handle 40% more rigid and keeps debris out of the moving parts.

Made in the USA

We carefully sew and assemble each tie-down strap in our Sandpoint, Idaho shop, allowing us to retain a level of quality that is often lost when manufacturing is outsourced. Plus, we feel good about creating American jobs!