Chain Extension (single)

Use your Tie Downs safely when no D-Ring is available

Wrapping your tie down strap around a stake pocket or any surface that risks cutting your tie down strap is asking for trouble. Fortunately, there's an easy fix. Mac's Chain Extensions are designed to work with your tie down strap, to move the strap material out of the danger zone without compromising tie down load capacity. Simply hook a Chain Extension onto your tie down hook when securing a load on a trailer with rub rails, stake pockets, or when anchor points are not available.

Mac's Chain Extensions are a total of 18.5" in length, made from grade 70 transport chain and terminated with a forged grab hook. This heavy-duty chain ensures maximum safety and protection of your cargo and tie downs.

SAVE $30 - When you purchase chain extensions with a tie down pack

The following tie down packs offer a chain extension option. Purchasing chain extensions as part of a pack will save you $30 versus purchase chain extensions separately!