VersaTie™ Hook

Add A VersaTie Hook to Your VersaTie Track

Meet the Mac's VersaTie Hook

Our NEW VersaTie Hook is sure to be a go-to piece anywhere you find our VersaTie Track, including inside trailers or modular vans. This long-awaited part combines strength and functionality in a tiny package.

Designed with Functionality In Mind

The VersaTie Hook is injection-molded out of a nylon-infused composite that yields a final hook strength of up to 75 lbs. Like our Single Stud Tie-Down Ring, the hook articulates and folds so the orientation of the track is no concern: ceiling, walls, vertically mounted, no problem! The hook will swivel to accommodate any of these orientations.

One Hook; Many Uses

This small-but-mighty hook has endless uses inside your trailer or van: from bags to sweatshirts, helmets to hats. If you want to hang it, our VersaTie hook is a great solution.

Did you find a new or clever use for our VersaTie Hook? We'd love to see it! Send a picture to or share on our Facebook page and you may just see it here in the future.

Compatible with VersaTie Anchor Plates

If you don't have track in your trailer or van but still want to create a place to hang something up, choose the VersaTie Hook with Anchor Plate to create an instant hanger just about anywhere.