Tree Trunk Protector Strap (Rigging Strap)

Tree Trunk Protector Straps provide a way to rig your winch line to a tree (or other solid object), while minimizing impact to the tree, by avoiding direct contact with the winch line.

Additionally, use of a Tree Trunk Protector Strap is far safer than latching the line hook directly onto the winch line, which can lead to line fray and failure.

A Better Tree Trunk Protector Strap

Like our Recovery Straps, the the Mac's Tree Trunk Protector Strap is built to the same rigorous standards we're known for in our tie-down straps. We use only premium materials and fabrication methods to ensure your recovery strap is up to the task every time.

The Mac's Tree Trunk Protector Strap comes in two load capacities: a 3" 27,000 lb version and a 4" 37,000 lb version, both in 8 foot lengths.

Premium Webbing

Every part of our fabrication process is designed for reliable Tree Trunk Protector Strap performance. This begins with using only premium quality US-made webbing, to ensure consistent strap load capacity. This material costs a bit more, but in addition to consistent capability, it also offers better resistance to fraying and tearing. The result is a longer usable strap life.

Highest Stitch Count in the Industry

The capability of the strap material is meaningless if an end loop fails. Failure of the stitching that forms the end loop can have catastrophic consequences. That's why Mac's has the highest stitch count and stitch length in the industry. It reduces the amount of stress each stitch sees under load. To ensure quality, we machine sew each integral loop end right here in our Idaho facility. Only after individual inspection to we approve a strap for delivery.

Made in the USA

Our Recovery Straps are fabricated right here in Idaho. This allows us to have better quality control and support American jobs. That's a win-win in our book!